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How trust in cloud-based data center infrastructures can be strengthened – an interview with Volker Rauscher, Head of Service Management 1&1 Internet SE

certification of cloud-based infrastructures

According to a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute, the most advanced sectors, companies, and individuals in the US economy are pushing the boundaries of technology use. But as a whole, only 18 percent are realizing their digital potential.[1] With the shift of business activities to the internet, the huge amount of stored data that is generated must be protected from either unauthorized access or loss caused by technical malfunction. We asked Volker Rauscher, Head of Service Management 1&1 Internet SE, how hosting providers can meet customers’ growing needs for data protection and what kind of cloud-focused challenges and opportunities await them. Rauscher works in the department Data Center & Networks and is responsible for 1&1 Data Centers’ security.

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