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Domain transfer, owner change and IDN: The big domain glossary part 5

How can a domain be moved to another provider? How does a domain transfer to a new owner? And what does IDN stand for? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the fifth part of the 1&1 Domain Glossary.

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Poly-layered shield – how 1&1 protects customers from DDoS attacks

security measures

Effective protection is achieved through the use of multiple layers. This applies to the entire 1&1 security system, including our network, dedicated protection mechanisms and web server. We continuously keep a thorough eye on our systems and activate our DDoS shield depending on the situation. But what happens on each security layer?

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Putting an End to the Excuses- 1&1 MyWebsite Maintained By Experts Answers Consumer Need

1&1 MyWebsite Matained by Experts

Within the past decade, advances in technology continue to exceed the expectations of today’s generation. The ability to arrange travel, network across multiple industries and communicate with colleagues around the globe with a simple click solidifies the role the Internet will always play within the business world. Therefore, it is surprising to see that although 97% of consumers go online to search for local services, 52% of small and medium business owners still do not have a website according to Yodle’s Small Business Sentiment Survey. While business owners can blame a wide range of factors for not making the leap online, 1&1 Internet has introduced solutions to put an end to the excuses.

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Welcome to the New Platform for the 1&1 Blog!


With our new blog design, you have easy access to the relevant information you need – anything from company announcements and product news to industry trends discussed by experts here at 1&1 Internet.

With several posts each week, readers can find information pertaining to multiple areas of interest by simply selecting an overall category from the navigation menu above:

Company – In this category, you can find announcements about 1&1 Internet, including awards, partnerships, new company developments, and more.

Products – Stay up-to-date with 1&1’s latest product launches and enhancements, including feature lists and customer testimonials by checking out this category.

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Get the Most out of Your Hosting Provider

No matter what Web hosting package you have for your business, it is important to know the ins and outs of the features that are available to you. As you create and establish a Web presence for your company, you definitely want to be able to take full advantage of the experience. In this article we will go over some specific features you may find in your package, using the 1&1 WebDesk as an example.

For 1&1 customers, WebDesk is a free, customizable interface for all Web hosting applications, providing things such as access to e-mail, storage space, files, and hosting packages. The interface can be accessed on any computer with internet access. Features like these are important no matter which Web hosting provider you may be using for your business. Others may offer similar features, but some of the 1&1 WebDesk features include:

Customizable Home-page. You can organize this page for easiest access to the items you use the most, such as e-mail, tasks, events, contacts, documents, and news.

Online Tools. WebDesk features tools such as 1&1 Writer for word processing, 1&1 Sheet for spreadsheet, and 1&1 Show for presentations.

Online Hard Drive. This space is helpful for business owners as it can be utilized as a central storage location for files and documents to be accessed from multiple computers. All these files are protected and easily accessible when logged in.

To get a better idea of what a Web hosting provider may offer to help your business streamline its productivity, check out 1&1 WebDesk.

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