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Test winner again! The 1&1 Cloud Server ranks first in the 2017 Cloud Spectator Benchmark Survey

Once again, the American analyst institution Cloud Spectator compared the biggest and most important cloud service providers in North America. In their “Top 10 Cloud IaaS Providers Benchmark 2017,” the company analyzed the price/performance ratio of the providers’ solutions and determined for the second time in a row that 1&1 is an outstanding winner in this region.

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Best price-performance ratio: ASCAMSO awards 1&1 Cloud Server

The German analyst firm ASCAMSO has rated our 1&1 Cloud Server as the best solution in the price/performance category. The experts compared the virtual machines of twelve cloud service providers with European data centers in terms of pure performance and price/performance ratio. Along with 1&1, Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft were also analyzed by the analysts.

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Highest score: 1&1 Cloud Server test winner in the Cloud Spectator benchmark

Chart showing the results of the Cloud Spectator benchmark of the analyzed cloud vendors in terms of pricing-performance ratio.

Performance and pricing-performance ratio – these are the priorities of the annual report “Top 10 Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2016” by American analysts Cloud Spectator. In this survey, our 1&1 Cloud Server competed with similar products of cloud service vendors like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute, Rackspace or IBM SoftLayer. It evaluated the relative performance of virtual machines (VMs). In detail, the benchmark focused on the server components processor (vCPU), memory and disk storage. It proves a first-class performance and an unprecedented pricing-performance value of the 1&1 Cloud Server.

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