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What to do if you have been hacked

You’re sitting in the office and you’ve just opened a weird attachment you thought was from your boss. It wasn’t – and now your computer is acting like it’s possessed, with strange pop-ups and unusual behavior. What do you do—panic? Pretend like nothing happened? Turn off your computer and hide until someone confronts you? Instead of the above, follow Norton’s checklist for what to do if you have been hacked.

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The SMBs & Entrepreneurs’ Digitalization Checklist

Digitalization is one of the most popular buzzwords of 2017, but there’s no doubt that it’s a trend that’s sure to continue. The question is: what should you consider before you begin a complete overhaul of your business’ digital footprint? We’ve provided a quick checklist to help ensure that your business presence is prepped for the next wave of digital transformation.

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Selection Criteria For Your Cloud Provider – A Checklist

The number of cloud services providers is immense – and growing continuously. To make it easier for our customers to choose, we’ve created a checklist to help simplify your choice. Of course, individual criteria depend on the requirements of each company.

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When to Relaunch Your Website – A Checklist

With every aspect of marketing, there comes a time when things become outdated or out of style. A business website is the same way. For example, ten years ago or more, it was common for many websites to be very low on actual information, and search engines were not relied upon nearly as heavily as they are today. Because of the ever-changing landscape of the internet, even the best websites need to be retooled and relaunched from time to time.

With a website relaunch, there are inherent opportunities and risks. Read the checklist below to determine whether or not it might be necessary to start thinking about it for your business.

  • Has it been more than two years without a fundamental change to your current Web presence?
  • Does your website illustrate the most accurate and recent public image of your company? Has your corporate identity changed since the website was created?
  • Look at the website of your major competitors. How would you rate their sites compared to your own presence on the Internet?
  • Regularly check the statistics of your website visitors and analyze the figures to determine which pages are clicked most frequently. How long have visitors been looking at your website?
  • Is your website found by search engines? You can test this on a regular basis yourself, by entering specific keywords and analyzing the results.
  • Do you use a Content Management System (CMS), which allows you to update online content quickly?
  • Slip into the role of a customer:  Can you find the information they seek quickly on your website? What about the functionality of the site?
  • Is your web site accessible so that, for example, a blind person can receive the information?

Based on how many of those questions you need to answer with a “no”, you may not be using the full potential of your Internet presence. Check out our previous article for more reasons to revamp your website.

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