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Cloud panel: above all user friendly

1&1 New Cloud Server

The control panel of cloud servers or cloud panel is the intermediary interface between clients and the cloud servers where their projects are hosted. It enables users to control and manage all the IT resources needed in a technology project in order to guarantee the best service level to users.

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Cloud Security: What lessons can be drawn from child safety?

Cloud computing security is a topic which is regularly discussed in great detail. Reasons for the discussions include cyber-attacks, organized cyber-crime or newly discovered security flaws.

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Cloud Computing: An Ideal Solution for SMBs (Video)

When it comes to the adoption of cloud solutions, many studies show that small and medium sized businesses are more hesitant than their larger counterparts. They are indeed aware of the popularity of the cloud and want to be active there, but concerns about unexpected costs and high complexity are typically holding them back. Alexander Vierschrodt, 1&1’s Head of Commercial Management VPS & Cloud, shares the advantages of Cloud solutions, such as 1&1 Cloud Server, and how they benefit SMBs in this video:

Find more information about the new 1&1 Cloud Server on our 1&1 Cloud Server and our Cloud Blog Posts.

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Detailed Results from Cloud Spectator: 1&1 Cloud Server Outperforms Competitors in Benchmark Performance Test (download)

Cloud Spectator, a global agency specializing in the analysis of Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), recently evaluated the 1&1 Cloud Server. The benchmark was conducted to assess 1&1’s newest cloud solution in terms of overall performance and price-performance. Simulating end-user experience, Cloud Spectator conducted a series of unbiased performance tests on five similar mass-market cloud solutions – 1&1, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Aruba Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and CloudSigma. The assessment took into consideration processor, memory bandwidth, network storage, and internal network features.

The initial results, published earlier this month, showed the 1&1 Cloud Server provides competitive levels of raw performance and price-indexed performance, with strong price-performance value throughout the course of the study. The highlighted areas where the 1&1 Cloud Server excelled:

  • Highest performance on vCPU, memory bandwidth, and storage performance
  • Excellent price/performance value in vCPU, memory and even better on the storage tests
  • Most stable performance over the test period

Now, the full report (a 27 page PDF : Cloud IaaS Performance & Price-Performance – Comparing Linux Compute Performance of 1&1, Amazon AWS, Aruba Cloud, CloudSigma, and Microsoft Azure) detailing the methodology, findings, and summary is available to download. 

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Dedicated Server user? How Parallels Plesk 12 and 1&1 Can Help

Dedicated Server user? How Parallels Plesk 12 and 1&1 can help

By John Zanni, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Service Providers, Parallels.

1&1 is serious about having the best dedicated and VPS server offers in the market, so it comes as no surprise to us that 1&1 is Parallels global launch partner for our release of Plesk 12. Combined with the power and performance of 1&1’s new server line-up, Plesk 12 offers the peace of mind that your server is fully protected from a range of threats and malicious attacks.

Plesk 12 adds unmatched security features to the infrastructure and website management experience that you already know and trust. On top of existing protection available from your server firewall, we’ve fully integrated Fail2ban – a service that scans your log files and bans IP addresses with suspicious activity – and Mod_Security – web application firewall governed by specialized rulesets. We even partnered with industry leader, Atomicorp, to give you the most trusted Mod_Security rules for free. We have these new security features set to secure defaults that will protect your servers out-of-the-box. For more advanced users, you can choose to fully configure your Fail2ban settings and edit Mod_Security rules from the Plesk UI and customize them to your specific needs.

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Greater Flexibility in Dynamic Cloud Server

Dynamic Cloud Servers are positioned to deliver full cloud-based flexibility and scalability benefits to both IT and business projects.  The ability to leverage high performance for short periods, and only pay for actual requirements, can be a powerful benefit for many businesses that have a need for their own server.

New enhancements to the 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server have made this solution even more flexible and cost efficient in real terms. The changes mean that users can scale up and down their performance requirements at any time with no fixed contract and costs are dependent upon the configuration – meaning more small business owners and Web professionals can benefit from cloud-based efficiencies.

The solution now offers a greater degree of scalability and cost savings for small businesses and professionals. Highlights include:

  • The 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server features dynamically adjustable resources – Processor Cores (vCore), RAM (GB) and Hard Disk Space (GB) that are configurable upwards/downwards by the user themselves anytime using sliders
  • A user can add up to 99 virtual machines, as required, without migration under a single contract
  • The solution offers a high performance platform  at a very low and accurate hourly price
  • The user only pays for the resources they require and use.  There is no basic fee, no setup fee, no minimum contract term, transparency of per-hour costs, and cancellation within the hour
  • Servers are available in Linux and Windows configurations – installed automatically
  • All servers include full root access, 2000 GB traffic, unlimited on-demand Snapshot Backups, Parallels Plesk 11 and a $60 starting credit
  • Fail-safe security via redundant cores and storage

Full details are available at http://1a1s.us/f2

We are happy to answer any questions you might have. Post them here or contact our 24/7 Support Team by calling 1-877-206-4255 or email support@1and1.com.

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Getting Started in Cloud Computing

The Web hosting industry has been pushed in new directions thanks to recent developments. Virtualized services and software as a Service (Saas) applications have become the more dominating trends, increasing the shift towards cloud computing. Hosting solutions of all kinds are gradually being brought into the cloud – from servers, to virtual applications, Web-based software, and communication tools. With all the new developments in this area, getting started in virtualization and cloud computing is getting easier.

Small and medium business owners have the opportunity to join the digital world in the cloud as well. Cloud applications exist for managing documents, file and data storage, and communication and collaboration – making this new trend an attractive option for businesses that use these tools.

Depending on what one might be expecting from a Web hosting provider, there are a number of cloud-based solutions available. For example, 1&1 has implemented an ongoing cloud strategy into its product line. A virtual e-mail server and a Web-based document suite and collaboration tool are just some of the most recently developed applications for the cloud.

The push for Web hosts to begin developing virtualized storage channels has also influenced a major shift towards the cloud, where the idea of virtual space has become prime real estate in the hosting world. The cloud allows users to build their space to exactly fit their needs, scaling elements like disk space up or down as needed. This provides Web hosts with the opportunity to include digital storage into users’ hosting space. Dynamic cloud servers also provide potential users with flexible data storage options that allow for scalability, greater capacity, and a usage-based payment model. In other words, customers only need to pay for the space they actually use.

Customers using a cloud server for virtual space are provided with flexibility to increase or decrease the system’s memory and storage capacity at any time. This feature is not just attractive for its practical uses, but it also cuts costs for a user’s IT budget. Basically, users will pay for what they use as opposed to what they have available to use. This is one of the main ideas that makes cloud storage solutions so appealing to customers.

Before deciding whether or not cloud storage options are the right choice for your business, you should weigh the needs of your business with your expected growth. Opportunities within the cloud may be able to help some users cut down on IT cost, but it may not always be the best choice for companies that do not require the same high level of capacity that a cloud server can provide. For smaller organizations, other adequate storage options may be more appropriate, and at a better price point.

Photo Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/cogal

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