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New Features Available: 1&1 Managed Cloud Hosting

Since its introduction in July 2016, web agencies and developers have benefitted from 1&1 Managed Cloud Hosting. Our award-winning 1&1 cloud server infrastructure is an easy-to-use, even more flexible cloud solution that does not require any administrative effort. 1&1 relies on Docker container technology, which gives customers the option to freely configure the software component, resulting in a customized server stack.

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Use Online Storage to Access Your Files On the Go

Online storage has revolutionized how information is backed up and accessed, such as critical documents, photos and other files. 1&1’s Online Storage package accomplishes this by automatically backing up your computer’s important data.

One of the most critical uses for cloud storage, however, is being able to access your files from anywhere, saving you the hassle of remembering to transfer them to your mobile or tablet before you leave home or the office. Install the 1&1 Mobile Online Storage app on your Android or iOS device, and you’ll never have to worry about bringing key files with you again.

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