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4 simple ways to automate your workflow

No matter what your business may be, we’ve all had moments when it feels like there’s just not enough hours in a day to get work done. Between administrative tasks and long-term projects, it can be difficult to find ways to make real progress at work. Luckily, advances in digitization have made it simple to squeeze some extra productivity from your schedule.

From small business owners to freelancers, read on to find out a few of our favorite ways to automate your workflow and help you work smarter, not harder.

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Recommended Apps in the 1&1 Cloud App Center – Customer Relationship Management

With the progress of digitization, a multitude of channels have been established that allow you as an entrepreneur/owner of an enterprise to keep in touch with existing and potential customers. Whether you use social networks, email, phone or online support, self-service portals, live chats or apps on smartphones – you should harness all channels as they are valuable customer touch points. Planning and nurturing this complex network of relationships with the customer is the Customer Relationship Management’s (CRM) job.

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Why Small Businesses Should Use CRM

customer management system

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to build long-lasting customer relationships. Often when starting out, one person is working across many functions in the business so staying organized and on top of your sales process can be very challenging.

Integrating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, like PipelineDeals, helps salespeople manage their contacts and leads, and track deals. Even better, CRM helps you capture incoming leads and know exactly what to do at each step in your sales process.

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The Importance of Public Relations – Part 1

Having a website for your business gives you the perfect starting point for accomplishing effective public relations efforts.  It can do wonders for your visibility, communicating your unique specialties and personality to the masses, while providing the public with a consistently accessible resource that has a limited impact on your budget.

The first step to utilizing your website for successful communication is to have valuable content speaking to what your site’s visitors are looking for. Information should remain clear, simple and truly significant. This includes photos, product descriptions, FAQs, and contact information. There are many features of websites that can optimize what and how you communicate with customers, which should be your main goal for using the site as a PR tool. In order to fully demonstrate your goal, be accessible and open to people’s comments and suggestions by providing contact information that is visible on every page. Customer Relationship Management is a priority when maintaining the relationship between your business and the public

Generating interest in the business and providing relevant news to clients can help develop and improve your reputation. Some Web hosting companies include an e-newsletter feature. Accept newsletter registrations directly on the website and regularly distribute to your audience. Including information like company news, product tips and introducing new employees will encourage credibility and respect among your following. Additionally, invite website visitors to provide feedback. You can incorporate a feedback form to initiate a two-way communication channel.

Once the website for your business is live, your PR efforts can really take shape in all areas. Offline, communicate your website to the public by word of mouth and through marketing materials. To do so, make it a point to communicate your website as a resource by listing the URL on business cards, receipts for services and company stationary. The goal is to keep your website as a timely resource to which you can refer customers who want more information. Keep it current and in line with what you see as important issues for your customers.

Be sure to check back later today for more reasons to utilize PR for your business.

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