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Phishing & Spam – how to identify fake customer communication via e-mail

Cyber criminals are using more and more treacherous methods to permanently damage web service users. A very popular method is through the use of fake e-mail that at first glance seems like real customer communication. These types of emails mimic service providers by sending alleged bills or other official-looking notifications to recipients who are then asked to follow a link to a website, where they are asked to provide sensitive information such as passwords or payment information. With this information, cyber criminals can access customer data for criminal purposes and inflict financial harm. There can also be hidden malware in attached files, which infect a user’s computer once opened. In recent cases, cyber criminals have evolved their tactics by sending phishing e-mails claiming to close a user’s account. Should the reader fall for the scam and enter their login information on a fake website, the email and password may end up being released to other spam mailing lists.

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