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Continuous Integration Trends from Bitnami’s User Survey

Written by David Dennis, VP of Marketing, Bitnami

During May of 2016, Bitnami conducted its bi-annual user survey.  From this survey, a data set was compiled from over 5,000 respondents globally. Bitnami’s international user base consists of many technology focused individuals, with most (~70%) self-identifying as software developers of one type or another.

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This Weekend: 1&1 to be Platinum Sponsor for JoomlaDay Cologne

1&1 Joomla Specialist, Viktor Vogel has a busy Friday and Saturday ahead of him, as he attends JoomlaDay in Cologne, Germany. This weekend Viktor will be surrounded by other CMS enthusiasts as they come together to share their experiences and advice about all things Joomla! The community enjoys the opportunity to discuses developments within the industry as well as learn new and exciting techniques. Our very own Viktor will even be conducting a helpful workshop for all those in attendance.

Starting back in 2005 under the name Mamboday, the first global meeting of the Joomla! community took place in Boon, Germany. Now in its ninth year and with 1&1 celebrated as a Platinum principal sponsor, this year’s event is held at the Maternushaus, Cologne, on September 12th and 13th.

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Best Website Applications for Website Design and Development

Whether you are creating a new website or working on a re-design or enhancement, you may have noticed that there are seemingly endless ways to build your site. Choosing a website application can be a daunting process if you are not completely familiar with the possibilities. With a 1&1 Web hosting package, the top 40 open source applications can be implemented with just a few clicks so you can quickly and easily get your project off the ground.

To narrow down the options, first think about the desired function of the website.  For example, are you building a standard website, blog, or online shop? Some applications are better suited for developing a specific type of site. Here is an overview of the top five most popular applications for website design and development.


Most people associate WordPress with blog creation. However, this content management system (CMS) can be used to build a complete website or even a social network. In fact, over 74 million websites are built using WordPress, making it the most popular CMS in existence. Don’t worry, there are thousands of themes and plugins available to ensure your creation is as unique as your business. By choosing WordPress, your site will have something in common with BestBuy, Justin Bieber, PlayStation, and many other famous websites.


The Drupal content management system can be used to build practically anything. The platform allows for a high level of customization which makes it attractive for a wide variety of projects.  Be it a blog, corporate website, or online store, Drupal’s thousands of pre-configured themes and modules make it easy to build a feature-rich site. Some of the most notable sites built using Drupal include The White House, The Economist, MTV UK, and more.


As a powerful content management system, Joomla! can be used for creating anything from a simple website to complex, enterprise-level business projects. The platform boasts its ease-of-use and thousands of extensions and designs. Millions of websites are built using this platform, including eBay, IKEA, more than 3,200 government sites worldwide, and an ever-increasing list of others.


Most frequently, TYPO3 is used for creating professional websites and is based on PHP scripting language. Over 6,000 extensions, with various functions, can be used to enhance your Web project without the need for custom code. More than 500,000 websites are built using this platform including Lufthansa, Lindt, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and more.


Magento can be used to build functional and visually appealing enterprise-class online stores and eCommerce solutions. Several shops can be managed with separate catalogs on different domains making Magento a highly recommended software that is trusted by more than 200,000 merchants. Some well-known customers of Magento include Harper’s  BAZAAR, RosettaStone, and Nike to name a few.

These five applications are most commonly used in website design and development and offer a wide range of plug-ins and themes to help further customize the online presence. 1&1’s App Center not only offers the most useful extensions of these apps but also offers suggestions for best practices.  Furthermore, if this all still seems too complicated, those with limited programming and technical knowledge can benefit from NetObjects Fusion® 2013: 1&1 Edition. This software, included free in most 1&1 web hosting packages, allows the creation of a mobile optimized HTML site quickly and easily.

We’re happy to answer your questions here in the comments below.

Photo Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/digtialstorm

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New Web Hosting: The Web App Movement

It is no longer simply just an additional tool for a business to have a website, but rather a necessity. Having a professional, easy-to-use online presence is extremely valuable, and many small businesses rely on Web developers to help create the representation of their business on the Web. These Web developers rarely create a website from scratch, but instead utilize free content management or ecommerce software as a starting point. The challenge, however, are the limited options given for maintaining the applications after the initial installation. Web hosts such as 1&1 Internet recognize this opportunity to greatly optimize the implementation of websites that use popular open-source applications. For different levels of flexibility and control, developers can choose from two different types of installations: “Free Mode” and “Safe Mode.”

Safe Mode is ideal for users looking for a Web hosting solution geared towards security and convenience, as well as less experienced users working within open-source applications. While customization is possible within this mode, it does not offer as much freedom as Free Mode. Since 1&1 manages the platform for the user, there are some limitations in order to enable delivery of necessary security updates. This mode also offers simple installation that can be completed within just a few clicks through a guided installation wizard. This method offers the convenience of a fully managed platform which is secured by 1&1’s experienced technicians.

Free Mode is best for experienced users working on specific, fully-customized projects. It is fully customizable, offering complete freedom and control to code specific plugins in order to make websites fully unique. The installation is the same as installing directly into a user’s own web space. However, performing maintenance must be conducted by the user – they are responsible for all security updates to applications. The ability for developers to adapt applications with outside, self-made plugins, themes or code is all possible with this installation method.

As a developer, Web hosting projects are constantly evolving and developers need a solution that can easily adapt to meet their demands. Beginners entering the world of Web development will want to learn and grow with a content management system or ecommerce application that allows them creative freedom. 1&1 keeps this in mind by allowing users to easily switch from Safe to Free Mode at any time.

For more information about 1&1’s Web hosting and App Center, visit: www.1and1.com/web-hosting.

Photo Credit: © Alexandr Mitiuc – Fotolia.com

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