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Top Trends for Cloud Computing in 2017

A recent study by Forrester Research shows just how quickly businesses are adapting to cloud computing. As the study notes, one of the most exciting forces in tech in the last decade has been the dawn of cloud computing. But now, the technology has evolved from its disruptive beginnings to being an essential service for many enterprises.

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Twitter for Business

When most businesses begin expanding their online presence into the realm of social media, Facebook seems to be the most logical choice. On the surface, Facebook is the most like a company’s website, and allows businesses to do more than other social networks. However, more and more businesses, especially small and medium businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of Twitter for business use. There is no reason to limit a social media presence to just Facebook, because they each have their advantages.

Before we explain the use of Twitter for business in more detail, it is important to state that, just like with every other aspect of your business, you should take your Twitter account seriously as a part of your overall brand and image.

Your small business’s Twitter profile is a great place to attract the attention of your followers, who should have an already established interest in your brand. While many business owners see the 140-character limit as a downside to using the site, you should see it as an opportunity to attract the already-shortened-attention spans of the average internet users.

Use Hashtags to discuss specific topics in your industry. A “hashtag” is any word that follows the pound symbol #. Users are able to search for all tweets discussing that topic, so it is a god way to get noticed in the conversation.

Connect with key people in your industry, whether they are trade journalists, other experts, or maybe even competitors. Being social on the social network is what it’s all about.

Promote aspects of the rest of your online presence. If you have a specific topic or resource to share, share it! Twitter is a great way to gain some extra traffic to other areas of your business.

Share the resources that other organizations have shared. By re-tweeting other content, users will see your business as a thought leader in your industry.

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