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Registry, registrar, registrant: The big domain glossary part 3

Which institutions, services and people are involved in domain registration and who is responsible for each task? At which point can a new domain be officially bought? These questions are answered in part 3 of the big domain glossary.

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Set yourself apart from competitors – Three new TLDs available this week!

Get Your New nTLD

Three new TLDs are now available for immediate registration and are specifically beneficial for the US market. With more than 150 of these new domain extensions available, business owners can take advantage of this unique opportunity to stand out against competitors.

To see the full list of all new TLDs, visit the 1&1 Domain Showroom which provides valuable information on upcoming domain names.

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General Availability for New gTLDs

More and more gTLDs are becoming available to pre-register, and later, register. During the registration period, known as ‘General Availability’, all users have the chance to register domain names with the first new top-level domains!

Right now there are over 50 new gTLDs that can be per-registered with 1&1. Several of these have already entered the General Availability phase (such as .BIKE, .PHOTOGRAPHY, etc.), with new extensions being added to the list every week.

Not all gTLDs are equal!

Not all new domain extensions are available to be ordered. The registry or organization operating each gTLD decides independently whether the extension will be available for everyone, or if it will solely be used for the registry’s own content or user groups. Therefore, only around 700 of 1,900 gTLDs are expected to be available on the market in Europe and the USA/Canada.

ICANN distinguishes between different types of gTLDs:


These are gTLDs that can only be registered by users within a defined group, and therefore in most cases cannot be ordered by everyone.

The registry decides whether a GEOGRAPHIC top-level domain is also listed as COMMUNITY BASED. For example, this means that only citizens and businesses from New York City or Miami will be able to register domains with their city’s respective extension.

In the past a lot of domain endings started with this restriction, but later on were released to the general public. Today, .COM has been registered worldwide over 102 million times, but before it was released to the public, it started as a COMMUNITY BASED domain extension for commercial use only.

It will certainly be interesting to see which gTLDs currently listed as COMMUNITY BASED are later made available to everyone!


Top-level domains with a direct connection to a region or city
Examples: .NYC, .MIAMI, .BOSTON, or .VEGAS

1&1 will keep you in the loop with news and upcoming milestones in the gTLD process. As soon as a customer’s pre-registered domain names become available, they will receive a message letting them know they can order their desired domain.

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