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Smoother access to the cloud: 1&1’s Software Development Kits


Developers are now able to program simpler and faster on the 1&1 Cloud Server infrastructure. 1&1 provides users with several Software Development Kits (SDK) which can be used via the Application Programming Interface (API) of the 1&1 Cloud Server.

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WordCamp Norway and Why JavaScript Matters

On January 25 1&1’s WordPress Specialist, Marko Heijnen, attended WordCamp Norway and gave a presentation about “Why JavaScript Matters.“ Here is Marko’s personal account of that experience:

Last weekend I went to WordCamp Norway with one of my colleagues. WordCamp Norway has always been a special thought for me since I gave my first WordCamp talk there.

I was able to speak there again and this time it was about “Why JavaScript Matters.” It was a short talk about the progress WordPress has made within the last years and why we, as PHP developers, should follow the progress. The most important part of this presentation was the demo I showed. I described and showed improvements that WordSesh could implement. Slides can be found on http://www.slideshare.net/markoheijnen/why-javascript-matters.

About WordSesh

WordSesh is 24 hours straight of continuous, live WordPress presentations, from all over the world, streamed to you wherever you are. And best of all, it’s free!

You will find the greatest WordPress people talking about what they do best and the talks are diverse so everyone has something to watch. Google Hangout live streams the speeches so that anyone can follow it on YouTube. WordSesh has already occurred twice and for those who missed it, you can watch it on their website: http://wordsesh.org. We will blog and tweet when the next one will be organized.

The Example

Normally, when watching WordSesh, you have to refresh every hour to get the new session since a new Google Hangout is needed to be created every time. With the code I wrote, this is no longer necessary and participants can wait for the organizer to send the new session to everyone. The solution I used to help us to communicate directly to all the participants was Node.js.

On http://wordsesh.wpcentral.io/ you can see the how it looks from the user perspective. If you look at the last few slides of my presentation, you can see the backend.

Currently, it has an amount of two channels that can be placed with a shortcode. You can insert a link to YouTube directly on a channel. This can be anything that gets embedded with an iframe. You could also search for a YouTube video you want to share with the audience. This can be directed to a specific channel or to all of them. The goal is to build a complete service around it so everyone can use this service. In the next couple of weeks there will be more improvements like dealing with speaker proposals, building the program and letting people build their own program.

The Winter Fun After WordCamp Norway

When you go to WordCamps, there is a good chance that you meet new people and become friends. After Contributor Day on Sunday, we decided to go to a restaurant on Korketrekkeren Hill. Since it was closed due a private party we went sledding instead which was an amazing experience and lots of fun. After the sledding we went to the central and had dinner there. We then decided to do some sightseeing in the night. Walking through Oslo we saw Frogner Park and the Royal Palace. All-in-all it was an amazing experience that everyone should have at least once.

– Marko Heijnen

Photo Credit: © georgejmclittle – Fotolia.com

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