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1&1 List Local: Be Present Online – Get Found by Locals

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Whether you’re a brick and mortar business, a pure online player or maybe both, if consumers want to find the products you sell or the services you offer, they will do so online.

According to a study of GE Capital Retail Bank, 81% of consumers research online before visiting store. It is a fact, that online research plays a bigger role throughout the major purchase process. Consumers are shifting away from using printed YellowPages and other offline media to find local businesses. Much of this is thanks to the convenience of mobile devices. Even if you are not online, you should make sure potential customers are able to find your offline business on the Web. Otherwise, you are bound to lose serious business.

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‘Geofences’ Provide Interesting Marketing Opportunity

A geofence defines the boundaries of an area using geographic coordinates to create a virtual perimeter around that area. Because geofences are virtual, there are no limits to creating or using them, allowing people to create geofences of any size or number – you could create one around a national park for example, or target a specific building, such as your own retail store.

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Add to Your Web Presence with a Google Places Listing


Google Places is a great resource for small, local businesses – whether you’re a craftsman, restaurant manager, real estate agent, or any other kind of business owner. By adding your business to this online listing, it acts as a Yellow Pages-type of registry for customers to find you. Your listing is positioned in the first page of results in a Google search, and the location of your business will be displayed in the interactive map as well. An entry in Google Places is just as important today as a listing in the phone book used to be.

What are the specific benefits of a Google Places entry?

  • You enable potential customers to find your business through an internet search for shops and services in their area.
  • The entry automatically presents your business in Google Maps – especially when potential customers search your store via mobile phone, which is a major advantage. They can receive immediate directions to guide them to your location.
  • You can publish the basic details of your business on this listing, which acts as an extension of your online Web presence.
  • If you have a website – for example with 1&1 MyWebsite – the entry in Google Places helps your site achieve a better ranking in Google’s search results. The search engine presents your official website as well as the Places listing to your customers.

The biggest benefit to this strategy is that it requires no investment other than a little bit of your time up front.

How do you create the entry?

  1. Check if there is already an entry for your business. To do this, simply enter your company name in the search bar on Google. If there is no entry, you can create one at www.google.com/places.
  2. To continue, you will need a Google account. This will make your listing and other Google services – such as AdWords – easy to manage.
  3. Once you are logged in, you can change already existing information about your business, and add new details and upload photos.
  4. When complete, the information will be published immediately.

Be sure to always keep your Google Places entry up to date, and promptly respond to any visitor comments. For even more local listing possibilities, check out 1&1 ListLocal!

Photo Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/mervekarahan

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