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The Secret to Acquiring a Top-Notch Staff

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It is a constant competition when searching for new career paths and opportunities. Candidates are often just another applicant in a sea of hundreds so it can be difficult to stand out. As a business owner, you strive to create a team that is innovative, driven and willing to go the extra mile but filtering through the stack of resumes can be daunting, until now. Look for applicants that have…

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6 Benefits of a .ME Domain

The .ME domain is the only domain extension that is truly about you. Judging by the current number of .ME registrations, there are almost 800,000 reasons to buy a .ME domain, but for now let’s just name a few:

1. Personal Branding Online

A captivating online identity is as important in the virtual world as a good personality is when you meet someone face-to-face. Whether you are about to create a personal site, put a resume online, share a photo album, or launch a small business, nothing says “this is my piece of Internet” as a combination of your name and the .ME domain. Not to mention that you rightly deserve to have an online presence that is as memorable, unique, and inspiring as your offline life.

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