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All about security – 10 security rules for Windows Server

Security is one of the most important challenges when it comes to data hosting. IT administrators, who manage server infrastructure, whether in-house or with a service provider, need to continue to develop and be familiar with current security mechanisms. Together with our partner Microsoft, we have put together the ten most important security rules for Microsoft Server, which provide IT administrators and developers with practical tips and tricks to secure their servers.

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Windows Server 2016 – latest operating system for Windows web hosting now available

Anyone with a need for special Windows applications for their home page is likely to choose a Windows-based hosting package. If this scenario applies to you, look forward to an improved performance of this hosting package!

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New Email Functionality with 1&1 Microsoft® Exchange 2013

The new 1&1 Microsoft® Exchange 2013 package builds upon its predecessor with new functionality that allow your team to work even more efficiently through allocation of appointments, tasks, and contacts. As one of the first providers to globally offer a business-class email package based on Microsoft® Exchange 2013, we’re proud to provide a breakdown of all the new specifications in this article.

The Microsoft® Exchange package is an excellent, high performance email solution for home and business users alike. The new package features:

  • 25 GB Mailbox.
  • Email forwarding to 10 addresses & auto reply/out of office.
  • Simplified administration.
  • Enhanced security features and reliability.
  • Enhanced Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus protection.
  • Outlook Desktop Version 2013 for better integration of MS Office applications and increased usability.
  • Outlook Web Access so you can access your calendar, tasks, contacts, & email from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. The new version includes touch optimization for tablets and mobile devices as well as improved browser compatibility for all major browsers.
  • Exchange Active Sync for real-time synchronization of all data for all devices like desktop PC, notebook, tablets, or smartphones.

As a bonus, the new package also includes:

  • Customizable email via 1 free domain name.
  • No set-up fee or lengthy contract. Buy as many or as few mailboxes as you need (on a monthly basis). This allows you the flexibility necessary to effectively manage the cost and service requirements of your ever-changing organization.

1&1 Microsoft® Exchange 2013 equips users with a full range of features for email communication. The solutions are extremely cost effective, flexible, and secure ways to exchange business data and can improve productivity and knowledge sharing within any sized organization.

All email data is stored in 1&1’s own highly secure data centers, and users benefit from 1&1’s expert levels of uptime, security, anti-spam and anti-virus protection. 1&1’s global backbone ensures that Microsoft® Exchange packages offer high speed and robustness in sending and receiving business emails.

For more information, visit: http://www.1and1.com/microsoft-exchange-2013

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Microsoft Web Hosting vs. Linux Web Hosting

Both Microsoft & Linux have been around for a while and we’re often asked the question: Which is better? Well, that depends. This sums up the basic differences:

Microsoft has been regarded as the easiest product to use while Linux has been traditionally considered a technology for more savvy users. This is not necessarily true. It is important to realize both hosting plans have individual merits. Also, your home operating system does not affect which hosting service you choose. For example, your home computer can run on Microsoft Windows and you can still choose Linux for your hosting package.

The major difference between Linux and Windows hosting is development environment. Linux supports PHP, Ruby, Perl and others with MySQL databases. Windows hosting supports ASP or ASP.NET with MSSQL databases. In order to decide which type of hosting is better for your site, you need to check what language you or your developers will use to create your applications.

Linux is the more popular choice for Web hosting among users. However, either works well for data driven sites offering dynamic content or interaction though inquiry forms or eCommerce. If you are looking to incorporate applications such as blogs or discussion boards on your site, Linux can be best due to the availability of many open source applications.

Areas where both platforms perform equally are performance, stability, static pages, and security.

Linux and Windows used to differ in price but you can now host your site with either platform for the same cost. For more information about 1&1 Web hosting packages, visit  our website for Linux or for Windows. If you still aren’t sure which is best for your needs, contact our team for assistance by calling 1-877-461-2631.

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