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Blogging 101: Mishaps and Know Hows

Writing blog posts is not as easy as many people think. There is more to it than simply sitting and typing. Help your blog to stand out and represent your company in the best possible way by ensuring these points are always considered in your blogging process. These eight tactics are designed to help you avoid some common mistakes that many bloggers encounter.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Domain Name

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Chances are you’re aware of how big a decision it is to choose the right domain name (or names) to represent your business online. Even more importantly, choosing the wrong Web address can have lasting negative impact on your online presence and ultimately, the success of your business. The following are five big mistakes people make when choosing a domain name:

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The Worst Mistakes in Web Design – Part 2

Earlier today we started a list of some of the worst mistakes a business owner can make when designing their company website. As more and more businesses are building up their presence online, it is essential for you to know some key areas to avoid, so you don’t unintentionally start driving potential customers away. Below are some remaining mistakes to become aware of:

Mistake #5: Too many images on the site

While having images and graphics is a great way to engage the viewer and draw their attention to the site, it is possible to overdo it. Too many things happening on the page can actually distract the viewer from why they visited your site in the first place – to get more information about your business. Additionally, you should be mindful not to include text as an image on your website. In other words, avoid using an image file that includes information about your business rather than text specifically written on the page. This practice damages your search engine optimization – because search engines are unable to read the text. Finally, using a lot of images can also contribute to a longer load time for your website, which is one of the mistakes covered in Part 1 of this article.

Mistake #6: Your website needs additional plugins

Plugins are sets of software components that add specific abilities to larger applications, such as Internet browsers. If your website features elements that require your visitors to download additional software to be able to view, you will likely see an increased bounce rate as a result. As always, your goal should be to create an environment where users can easily view information about your business. The more steps involved for them, the quicker they will leave.

Mistake #7: No link back to homepage

Your business’s website should promote very easy and intuitive navigation for the visitor. Ideally, they should be able to move through the site quickly to find what they are looking for, and be able to quickly get back to the homepage whenever they desire. Many websites include a large link in the main navigation of the website that can easily take then to the homepage of the website. Not only will this improve navigation of the site, but visitors that arrived via a search engine to a more specific page will have the ability to quickly get to the homepage.

Mistake #8: No contact information

The main goal for your website is to eventually drive sales. Without providing a way for your customers to get in touch with your business, you are cutting off a significant portion of your audience. Provide the necessary information they would need, such as address, phone number, hours of operation, etc. on an easy-to-locate section on the website. In many cases, that might be the number one thing they are looking for anyway.

Mistake #9: Outdated content or dead links

As we’ve stressed in many of the points in this article, the usability and user experience of your website are very important. If your website does not have up-to-date information, or some of the areas of the site no longer link properly, it will frustrate your visitors. There should be constant maintenance and monitoring of the business’s website, to ensure that everything is working properly, and the correct information is being conveyed to the audience.

To make it easier, and to help ensure that you never make these mistakes with your business website, try 1&1 MyWebsite.

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The Worst Mistakes in Web Design – Part 1

While having a website for your business is very beneficial, your online reputation could still suffer if you make some poor mistakes with the design of the site. There are several areas that turn potential customers away from a company’s website. In this article we will outline some of those problems, so you know how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Content that has no benefit for the visitors

The content on a website should provide useful information for the visitor. Broad marketing language and information that has nothing to do with the core business turns away many users. For example, if a user has trouble finding your hours of operation, while trivial information such as the weather is displayed prominently on the page; it can be infuriating for them. Make it a priority to anticipate the needs of your visitors, and design your site information around those needs.

Mistake #2: Confusing navigation menus

Simple navigation is the key to providing a positive experience for your website visitors. If the navigation menus do not flow in a logical way, your customers will become confused with how to find information. Segment your website into the areas that your customers would benefit from, such as products, services, contact information, company information, etc.

Mistake #3: Poor writing and formatting deters visitors

Consider your own reading habits: When you visit a website, you are likely to be drawn to certain keywords and areas of text over others. Text that is just simply copied over from the company’s promotional materials will typically not interest readers or entice them to read further. Use concise lists, short sentences and highlight important information in bold. Research shows that customers are not inclined to read long pages of text until they consider the website to be informative for them. Choose your words carefully so your visitors will see value in what you have to say.

Mistake #4: Long load times

Long load times for company websites are one of the biggest contributors to bounce rates (the rate at which visitors leave the page after only a few seconds). If your website does not display quickly, your customers are likely to go somewhere else. A poor user experience on your website will drive visitors away to your competitors.

Check back later today to learn more Web design mistakes. To help avoid these mistakes, check out 1&1’s MyWebsite.

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