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A New Place on the Internet: Pre-Registration for .ONLINE Starts Today

The possibilities are endless for your online store, business website, or private Web project and today the new .ONLINE domain extension could be the perfect place for your Internet presence. Starting today, you can take the first step toward owning a space in the new Internet landscape and pre-register your .ONLINE domain with 1&1. For companies, associations and individuals, this new top-level domain (TLD) offers great opportunities and a wide range of possibilities for a unique URL. 

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How trademarks are protected in the new gTLD launch process

The protection of trademarks and copyrights is a cornerstone of the entire new gTLD integration process. The Internet Association for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has gone to great lengths in working with the Intellectual Property community as well as with providers such as 1&1 Internet to implement new procedures to make protecting trademarks easier for companies. There is a new ‘Trademark Clearing House’, which provides a centralized vetting of trademarks that is applied to all new gTLD Sunrise applications, and will make securing a domain name including their relevant trademark easier for businesses. 1&1 will not register attempts to cybersquat on any known trademarks, and comply completely with the protection processes in place.

Trademark protection mechanisms are also in place with the registries. For example, for the first 90 days of a domain launch, ICANN requires registries to supply a Trademark Claims Period, in which certified trademark holders will be notified of any attempts to register their names – allowing them forewarning of any issue. Further, the person registering the domain name that could potentially infringe against these trademark rights is also shown a warning that a trademark exists.

In practice, this means that when registrars like 1&1 provide new gTLDs to the market, as we did last week with .bike, .clothing, .guru, .plumbing etc, the procedures in place successfully prevent domains that relate to trademarks or trademark terms from being registered to cybersquatters. Whilst a cybersquatter can indeed make a pre-registration attempt, the processes in place will prevent the vast majority of cybersquatting attempts from ever being successful.

As with any new domain launch, many businesses will be motivated to purchase in order to protect themselves from cybersquatting or infringement. However, there is certainly no need to panic – simply begin to research which domains would make sense to apply for in the short and long terms.

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New gTLD Testimonial: Pedal Culture

“At the age of four, I was gifted a rusty bicycle. It was delivered to my front door by a mystery person with a quick knock and hustled footsteps. A small note on the frame read “Enjoy”.”

Ever since that fateful day, Jesse Buller has been committed to cycling. Turning his once hobby into a career, Buller is currently studying to design and manufacture his own custom bike frames. To act as a home site for his existing cycle lifestyle blog, pedalculture.com, the launch of .bike as a new generic top-level domain (gTLD) was the perfect solution. 1&1 Internet’s reputation as a premiere domain registry gave Buller the confidence to pre-register and obtain his new domain culture.bike for all his online needs.

After graduating from college with a degree in graphic design, Buller wanted to find a way to weave his love for bikes with his passion for design.

“After graduating from college I decided that I wanted to make cycling an integral part of my journey. A year later I began training to build bike frames with Doug Fattic. Due to the nature of my training in graphic design, I spent much of my time with computers and the Internet. I love beautiful websites, so I decided to work on one of my own, creating Pedal Culture in November 2013. I’m combining my education in design with my passion for bicycles,” said Buller.

Buller’s day job focuses on working for a small graphic design firm, however, in the future he plans to make bikes his main priority.

“In the not-so-distant future I do plan to sell hand-made custom frames from my website, as well as other handcrafted bike related goods. I love projects, I will be offering hand crafted bicycle goods through my website,” said Buller.

Through his site Pedal Culture, Buller is able to connect with the cycling community. Not only sharing lessons from his apprenticeship, but also sharing information on a variety of topics affecting the cycling community: including biking, BMX, design, frame building, tandem biking and videos to name a few.

With an overall goal of cultivating a greater interest in cycling, health, and design, Buller has big plans for what his new domain can do for Pedal Culture.

“Frame Building, Design & Film, Community Outreach, Hand Crafted Goods, Health Promotion and Cycling Events. I am proud of these goals for Pedal Culture’s future. It has taken me a lot of time and energy, but I feel it is a worthwhile investment; an investment that will benefit me and those that the website reaches,” says Buller.

When deciding where to pre-register his domain, Buller relied on his previous experiences to lead him towards the right provider.

“I consider myself a loyal 1&1 customer. I appreciate the stride 1&1 takes to make the user experience more enjoyable, and I am glad I can always rely on the quality service that 1&1 provides. 1&1 is the only host I have ever used, and that trend is here to stay,” said Buller.

Photo Credit: © pink badger – fotolia.com

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16 New gTLDs Available for Pre-Registration

In addition to the first pre-registrations for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) announced two weeks ago, 1&1 now offers an additional 16 domain names to choose from. The new gTLDs available to pre-register today are:

















To pre-register for any of these domains, visit 1&1’s domain portal. These pre-registrations are on an exclusive first-come, first-serve basis, which means no other 1&1 customers are able to pre-register a domain option that has been previously chosen by another party.

New gTLDs offer exciting branding and targeting opportunities for businesses on the Web. By pre-registering one of these domains with 1&1, businesses will be in a great position to secure their preferred domain as soon as it hits the open market.

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New Top-Level Domains Coming Soon: 1&1 Signs First Registry-Registrar Agreement

Today 1&1 signed a Registry-Registrar Agreement with the registry Donuts Inc. As a result, 1&1 is able to offer customers the ability to register domains with the new domain extensions that are managed by Donuts Inc. Singing this agreement is yet another important step for the introduction of new domain endings for businesses and private customers.

The new top-level domains will undoubtedly arrive soon, but there are still some important milestones to pass before top-level domains will be available for customers. At the beginning of the month, 1&1 signed a Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) with ICANN which allowed 1&1 to register new TLDs in general. To implement new domain endings, a Registry-Registrar Agreement with every new TLD registry (similar to the one recently signed with Donuts Inc.) will be necessary.

It is assumed that Donuts Inc. will be assigned 150 of the 700 new TLDs, which is why the partnership is such an important step. In the end, it means that 1&1 customers will be able to order domain names with the new endings as soon as they are available. For example, some of the new domain endings managed by Donuts include .bike, .clothing, and .plumbing.

The new domain endings will change the Internet business forever. There will be many more possibilities for private persons and companies to present themselves and their services on the internet. Whether regional, industry, or interest-specific: the new endings will allow the Internet address to show a constructive designation, so that users or potential customers are able to immediately identify what to expect from website.

For free pre-registration of the new domains, 1&1 started a new portal. There you will find important information and news. If you pre-register your favorite domain with 1&1, you will be informed so you do not miss any deadlines.

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Descriptive Domain Endings: What Web Visitors Can Expect

When choosing a domain name there are a few best practices to keep in mind. Most companies choose the widely searched for and popular .COM, but depending on your business and preferred domain name a different ending may be a better choice. The domain extension you choose for your business website can be a powerful marketing tool to help visitors to better understand the purpose of your website. Here is a breakdown of common top-level domains (TLDs) and what they could mean for your business:

.COM was originally created to mean “commercial” and was intended to imply that the website operates for a commercial purpose. However, due to little regulation and widespread use of .COM, the TLD no longer conveys any specific meaning. .COM is the most common TLD. With over 100 million .COMs already registered, it’s often difficult for companies to register their preferred domain name with a .COM extension.

.CO – Because it is short and relatively new, .CO domains are often available in their preferred versions. The .CO suffix is associated with terms such as “COmmerce,” ‘”COmpany,” “COrporation,” and “COmmunity.” A .CO is a great choice if your website represents any of these categories.

.NET – The .NET extension is the second most popular domain ending with over 15 million registrations. This TLD is often associated with “network,” “computer,” or “internet” topics. It is typically used by more tech savvy businesses and thus that brand perception can be associated with your company if a .NET address is chosen.

.ORG is the third most popular TLD with over 10 million registrations. A .ORG address is recommended if your website represents an organization, non-profit, or a club.

.INFO – The .INFO suffix is best used for informational websites. If your website is a valuable resource for information on a specific topic, then a .INFO domain is probably the best choice.

Websites using the .BIZ extension are typically eCommerce sites. If your website’s primary function is to provide a platform for selling goods and services online, then a .BIZ is a good investment. Especially for small businesses, a .BIZ domain provides additional credibility.

Geographic TLDs, such as .US, .CA, and .MX, show that your business is operating in a specific region. These domains are ideal for individuals and companies that want to project a strong presence in one country or geographical location. Soon even more geographic TLDs will be available with the introduction of city-based TLDs like .Vegas, .NYC, .Boston, and more.

New TLDs – The internet landscape is quickly changing and soon over 700 new TLDs will be available. In addition to the new geographic options, the new TLDs will provide extensions for all areas and industries including business, travel, sport, hobby, community, religion, shopping, food and drink. These new TLDs allow a new opportunity for you to brand your website even better by registering your preferred domain with an extension that explains exactly what your business does. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant. Instead of YourRestaurant.com, your website could be Your.Restaurant. See all the new TLDs and pre-reserve yours for free, without obligation, at http://www.1and1.com/new-top-level-domains.

Photo Credit: © d3images – Fotolia.com

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What a City-Based TLD Can Do for Small Business

As pre-reservations continue to increase for new top level domains, there is a growing demand for city-based TLDs such as .vegas or .boston. In addition to the many other unique new TLDs, city-based TLDs offer several benefits for small businesses. Aside from the fact that it allows businesses to display their exact location in the actual domain, there are also potential benefits for search engine optimization (SEO). Some research suggests that geo-location TLDs will offer better rankings among popular search engines for local searches.

When conducting a Google search, many users are seeking a local business and frequently using the “get directions” feature to the physical location of the business. Users conducting searches for local businesses often include keywords that direct them to what they are looking for, such as typing “plumbers + Miami” into the search bar. The results will display dozens of plumbers local to the Philadelphia area for the user to choose from. With a city-based TLD such as .miami, Google may offer a higher ranking as it clearly relates to the user’s search. Additionally, this shows the user performing the search that a particular business is local.

While the full extent of the SEO benefits of city-based TLDs will not be known until they are released, it is clear that having one will offer other unique benefits. When seeking local businesses, customers will be able to clearly decipher which websites are relevant to their needs. With a city-based TLD your potential customers can filter through websites that are not useful for them, such as a customer in New York City searching for an electrician. They will be able to browse the search results until they find an electrician with their local domain extension. An electrician with a domain name ending with .nyc could be more attractive to the customer over a one with a .com name, since it shows the customer that their business is within their desired geographic location.

All in all, investing in a city-based TLD will be beneficial to small businesses, and neglecting to adopt one could present a missed opportunity. Since these new TLDs are brand new to the market, there is a great chance for small businesses to register some more generic domain names to generate more traffic. For example, plumber.miami or electrician.nyc in addition to registering domains with the actual business name. Those generic terms will likely be registered very quickly, but for small businesses to survive in the innovative environment of the Web, it is essential to adapt to these new opportunities as they become available.

Photo Credit: © casejustin – Fotolia.com

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Why Are There New TLDs?

There has been a lot of discussion about the new Top Level Domains (TLDs) coming out later this year. Despite all of the new options that are soon to become available to the domain marketplace, you might be wondering why these new names are coming out to begin with. In short, one of the key commitments for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is to promote competition in the domain name market. New TLDs will allow more of a choice for businesses and consumers around the world. In this article we will go over some more specific reasons why these new TLDs will benefit the internet community.

.com is getting too crowded. If you have recently purchased a new domain name for your business, you probably understand how difficult it can be to find something that is not only memorable and relevant to your business, but simply available at all.  The current domain namespace has become very crowded, with .com leading the way with over 100 million domain names. Thus there is very little “real estate” left to claim. This is rectified somewhat by other TLDs such as .org or .co being available, but those are becoming crowded as well. New TLDs will therefore open up thousands of opportunities for small and large businesses to claim new territory in the internet landscape.

You can more effectively define your brand. With more specific TLDs soon to be released, you can establish your Web presence with a domain that is more specific to your business. If you manage a hotel, for example, you could purchase a .hotel domain. If you run a tech business, you could buy a .tech domain, and so on. There will be many opportunities to customize a new domain name to the industry in which you operate, which can increase brand awareness and loyalty within your customer base.

There are now more specific geographic TLDs. Currently, there are country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) available, such as .ca for Canada or .mx for Mexico. This can be useful if you’re operating a business for an audience specific to those countries. However, soon domains will be able to become more specific, right down to the city or regional level. For example, if you manage an organization that benefits the city of Boston, you may soon be able to register your organization’s domain as “OrganizationName.boston.” Additionally, for businesses that provide local services and products, a city or regional TLD can better indicate to potential customers that the business is conveniently located. This can be seen more easily within a list of search results or within an email address.

The secondary market is competitive. Currently, if a user wants to purchase a short, but memorable domain name, and it is not available, a secondary market exists to purchase the name from the owner. Depending on your business it can be a worthwhile investment, but with the advent of many more TLDs on the horizon, there will be many more options for you to consider for your business beyond the already registered .com, .info, .net, etc. domain names. So while a business owner may still prefer to invest in a .com domain, they now have the ability to purchase the name they want under a new TLD to cut costs.

Check out these potential new TLDs by visiting 1&1’s online pre-reservation portal at www.1and1.com/ntld-check.

Photo Credit: © C. Rietsch – Fotolia.com

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