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Be online today – 5 Steps to having your own website

It’s now been over 25 years since the first website went online and back then, that was not possible without manually writing the HTML yourself. Nowadays you don’t need to be a fully-fledged programmer to create a professional website in just a few steps. From comprehensive content management systems, simple homepage builders to free frameworks, the possibilities are almost endless. But what’s the best tool for your needs and what exactly is required to build your own website? Modern hosting packages usually include a wide range of features that can help to make a website, but there are so many options.

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Being online with .online: Facts and figures about the domain

It’s no wonder that .online is the most popular new top-level domain at 1&1 – how could an online presence be shown better than with an .online-TLD? The following facts and figures about .online show what this international and easy-to-remember top-level domain is made of.

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Starting Today: Register .ONLINE Domains

The possibilities are endless for your online store, business website, or private Web project and the new .ONLINE domain extension could be the perfect place for your Internet presence. Starting today, you can take advantage of the new Internet landscape and register your .ONLINE domain with 1&1. For companies, associations and individuals, this new top-level domain (TLD) offers great opportunities and a wide range of possibilities for a unique URL. 

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A New Place on the Internet: Pre-Registration for .ONLINE Starts Today

The possibilities are endless for your online store, business website, or private Web project and today the new .ONLINE domain extension could be the perfect place for your Internet presence. Starting today, you can take the first step toward owning a space in the new Internet landscape and pre-register your .ONLINE domain with 1&1. For companies, associations and individuals, this new top-level domain (TLD) offers great opportunities and a wide range of possibilities for a unique URL. 

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10 Online Customer Service Mistakes that are Crippling your Business


In order for a company to be successful, great customer service is a necessity. Both for businesses and in the eyes of consumers, customer service has the power to completely mold the reputation of a business. However, customer service has grown far past the idea of a simple smile or warm “hello” on the phone. The role of the Internet has changed the game for businesses wanting to stay on top.

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Build a Successful Web Presence, Not Just a Website


Simply getting online isn’t enough. These days it’s very easy to build a website, however it’s not so easy to build a successful web presence.

A website is simply a vehicle for building a successful web presence; it’s the central hub for all of your business’s online activity, but it’s often just the beginning of your journey towards online success.  The task remains to attract, engage and retain the customers and prospects that visit your site.

Content Marketing: you must have heard the buzz?

There are lots of complicated definitions of content marketing, but I like to keep things simple – so my favorite is this one:

“Traditional marketing and advertising is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one”. – Robert Rose

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Putting an End to the Excuses- 1&1 MyWebsite Maintained By Experts Answers Consumer Need

1&1 MyWebsite Matained by Experts

Within the past decade, advances in technology continue to exceed the expectations of today’s generation. The ability to arrange travel, network across multiple industries and communicate with colleagues around the globe with a simple click solidifies the role the Internet will always play within the business world. Therefore, it is surprising to see that although 97% of consumers go online to search for local services, 52% of small and medium business owners still do not have a website according to Yodle’s Small Business Sentiment Survey. While business owners can blame a wide range of factors for not making the leap online, 1&1 Internet has introduced solutions to put an end to the excuses.

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Create an Online Store with Optimal Usability

1&1’s new range of turn-key eCommerce solutions include everything a retailer needs for successful online selling.

The new 1&1 Online Store combines advanced features for creating a shop with full mobile and social media compatibility as well as optimal usability for shoppers.

Key features of the product are:

– Optimization for mobile viewing and ordering
– Social Media: Setting up a Facebook shop and promoting through Twitter, Google+, and Facebook buttons
– Multiple secure online payment options including PayPal, BillSafe and credit card payment
– Conversion in up to 15 languages
– Support for multiple currencies and international shipping methods
– Marketing tools such as a professional newsletter tool, daily deals, customer reviews, and website analytics
– Numerous industry-specific layouts

The new Online Store is priced from $7.99 with a special offer on the Basic package: the 1st year $0.99/month. For more information visit http://1a1s.us/qr.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Elements

Digital marketing is an area of business that will only increase in popularity as a higher and higher percentage of businesses move toward an online presence. Now that many small businesses have built their own website, as well as developed social media pages and implemented search engine optimization strategy, most of them are looking for ways to properly manage this new environment. In this article we will break down some of the elements that should make up your digital marketing strategy for the future.

Analytics Software
This is a topic that we have touched upon many times in the Online Success Center. If you have a website for your business, analytics software helps you evaluate its performance, and shows you how to improve. Most hosting providers offer some sort of analytics platform, so it is important to get the most out of your vendors. Learn how to incorporate this software into your marketing plan, and read some of our other articles on the subject to better learn how to use it correctly.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
With more and more businesses providing information online, there is growing competition in all industries for providing substantial and worthwhile content for customers. It can be difficult to manage all the content that you offer online, whether it is in the form of a large, robust website, or even just blog or social media updates. CMS tools allow for easier organization and sharing of this content.

Social Media Management
This item could range anywhere from something like HootSuite, a tool for organizing and compiling numerous social media accounts into a single dashboard, to a more robust monitoring service that measures your brand’s reputation and discussion in the industry. As social media continues its exponential growth, this could be a major area to factor into a digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Marketing
Tools such as Google AdWords allow businesses to bid on a specific set of keywords relating to their business. When a typical user searches for those keywords, a link to the business’s website is displayed in the sponsored results of the search. These sponsored links are highlighted and displayed at the top or sides of standard results. The advertiser only pays for every time their link is clicked (pay-per-click).

Photo Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/porcorex

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New Web Apps for October

This month, 1&1 will add more than 16 new Web apps to the growing library available for 1&1 MyWebsite. Web apps bring your website to life by adding functionality from many third-party websites with the click of a button. We have written about the various benefits of such applications in some previous articles. In this article we will briefly explain each new element. Please note that in order for most of the Web apps to function properly, you may need an account with each third-party service.

This app is a customer service software solution that helps improve communication with customers by utilizing tools such as Click-to-Call, Online Scheduling, and Live Chat.

Ambassador Referrals
This easy-to-use tool encourages customers to promote your products and services and become ambassadors for your brand. The app also allows you to track results of your campaigns.

Bloomfire Community
This app helps connect individuals with information and knowledge. Users can use this tool to share content as well as exchange expertise and knowledge with others.

Engagyeya is a tool to cross-promote content. It offers recommendations to users in the form of a personalized display of matching content that readers will enjoy.

FabBridge helps create a customizable and optimized landing page to increase fans and help increase awareness for your brand and products.

With this app, users can create and display unique polls on the website. Finding out how customers feel about a product or service is a great step in improving customer service.

By embedding the Freshdesk app, you can manage customer support more efficiently by categorizing requests. By handling customer needs more efficiently, you increase their overall satisfaction with the brand.

This online shopping tool lets you create an online shop and instantly start selling on social networks to increase revenue. Additionally, fans can be turned into promoters to further increase sales.

Malvee is a tool to measure and improve employee satisfaction by displaying employee surveys within the website. You can easily analyze the attitudes and expectations of your employees to improve your business.

This app allows you to create and display online polls on your website. Finding out how customers feel about your business is important for increasing satisfaction.

Poll Everywhere
This is another app for creating and displaying online polls on your business website. Responses can be displayed on the website or in a presentation.

After connecting Propers to your social media accounts, it automatically adds social mentions on a customized dashboard. You can then create and share your own public page out of selected positive feedback.

Rezgo Bookings
Rezgo is designed for the specific needs of tour, activity, event, and attraction providers. By integrating this app, you can embed a direct booking engine which is designed to help maximize your bookings.

With this app, you can display your personal fitness activities and goals on your website. This would be a great tool for fitness instructors, but could also be good for other businesses.

With Smartsheet Web forms, you can embed forms on your website to collect customer data directly. This allows customers to easily send suggestions or complaints.

This app provides a simple way to embed videos on a website, thus creating a more appealing experience for the user. The tool also allows you to analyze which parts of videos are watched most frequently.

These are simply just 16 of the newest additions to an already extensive library of Web Apps, to learn more about what is available, feel free to check out our previous webinar, as well as visit the 1&1 website for more information.

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