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Using pictures properly – how to make your website an eye catcher

Want to make a good impression to website visitors with creative and inspirational content? A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case we show you how you can create meaningful images with self-made pictures or professional stock photos.

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New gTLD Testimonial: Joshua James Photography


In some cases, extreme hardship can inspire beautiful art. That is exactly how Josh Horrocks went from living on the streets after his father’s death to being a professional photographer.

Since he was a child, Horrocks has always been interested in watching the world and emotions unravel in a unique way. In his photography, he tries to capture these candid moments.

“I try to take multi-dimensional pictures, in that different people will interpret different meanings, and no matter the interpretation the viewer will be satisfied,” says Horrocks.

Global culture has also become a main interest for Horrocks, especially with the rise in fast-paced image viewing. “Internet photography has turned into a very fast-paced swipe and click experience, so to supplement and sustain with “swipe viewers,” I also explore and portray natural beauty, usually in the form of landscapes, seascapes, or anything that catches my eye and should be saved,” said Horrocks.

In today’s age, an average Web user is exposed to hundreds of websites every day. Horrcoks wanted to properly communicate what his business could offer at first glance, something that the existing .com and .net domain endings could not offer.

“I took a lot of time and a lot of trial and error to find the best name to portray my work. I wanted it to be simple, personable, and have a good ring for memory. When I was comfortable with Joshua James, I set out to make it my domain. Evidently, there is more than one Joshua James. I’ve been stuck using a domain name that I never really cared for or wanted to “own.”  The new TLD’s have helped in giving me the professional and artistic brand I’ve wanted,” said Horrocks.

As a business owner, Horrocks understands the impact a domain can have on businesses, making the first impression count. That’s why he registered his new domain name – http://joshuajames.photography.

“The new TLD’s offer the opportunity to be clear with your name and you no longer run the risk of looking silly or arbitrary with your domain name.  As a business owner, a name is your first portrayal and first introduction. Domains are often the first method of that introduction, so I believe your domain should match your intent and it should be something you are willing to live up to, if not serve as a self-reminder,” said Horrocks.

The launch of over 700 new top-level domain (TLDs) endings gives small business owners the opportunity to register custom and unique domains for their business websites. These new domains properly communicate to Web users exactly what they can expect to gain from looking at your website. Horrocks is taking full advantage of these new domains and plans to register all relevant photography and art TLDs.

“I wanted to give myself future flexibility and also make finding/remembering my site easier, especially by utilizing .photos, .photography and eventually .art for the same site. In casual or professional conversation, you will know my name and will only be required to remember .photos or .photography. I find it much easier to remember .photos, and .photography is much more elegant and professional on business cards or print,” said Horrocks.

The sky is the limit for the future of Joshua James Photography. Currently considering a photography internship with NASA, Horrocks plans to continue to offer his unique perspective of the world around him, taking his work one day at a time.

“I focus on my customer’s needs, my product’s quality, and an individual’s overall experience and enjoyment.  In the end, I have to live with a part of myself hanging on a wall, and I want my viewer to be satisfied for as long as it is a part of their life.”

Photo Credit: ©istockphoto.com/superchappie

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New gTLD Testimonial: Nathan Rich Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words – a common phrase to describe the importance and impact a photograph can have. Nathan Rich knows this all too well as just one photograph affected his entire life plan. After submitting a photo to a local newspaper contest on a whim, Rich won, and he began to take a greater interest in photography. Seven years later, Rich coordinates the majority of his photography business online, and saw the giant potential that the launch of new domains could have on his business.

As someone who stumbled upon photography, Rich didn’t get his first professional camera until adulthood.

“I used some rewards points to get my first DSLR camera in 2008. Later that year my family and I went on a vacation to Eastport, Maine where I took a lot of photos. When we got back to Indianapolis I entered a few of my favorites into the Indianapolis Star Travel Photo Contest and won.  That sort of stoked my interest and confidence, and I’ve been shooting ever since,” said Rich.

Rich’s main interest and inspiration comes from his two great loves – his family and his animals. Fostering over 700 dogs in his home since 2000, Rich has been able to use photography to place the dogs in good homes.

“We have fostered over 700 dogs since we got our own house in 2000. A big part of getting them adopted is getting good photos up on the adoption sites, so that has been a big part of what I do to help,” said Rich.

Photos of his two-year-old son have also been known to take up a majority of Rich’s hard drive, as well as photos from when he had the opportunity to shoot backstage at the Bonnaroo music festival and 2013 Indy Grand-am.

As an IT professional, Rich saw the potential and impact that the new top-level domains (TLDs) could have on a business right away.

“The launch really caught my eye, especially because one of the first to be released was related to photography,” said Rich.

Registering multiple new domains – www.nrich.photography, www.nathanrich.photography and www.nathanrich.photos – Rich plans to have them all link to his existing website.

Rich has seen the struggles and limitations that the existing domain namespace put on small business owners like himself. With so many .com domain names already registered, it is difficult to find a short, relevant, domain name under the old TLDs. The new domain extensions will provide opportunities that were previously thought to be unattainable.

“It opens up a whole new world of possibilities for branding yourself online – whether it’s for personal or business reasons.  I’ve been doing IT administration for 15 years and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone tell me “I’ve been watching www.firstnamelastname.com for years and it’s never been available. Now you aren’t limited to your name being your brand, but really telling everyone what interests you and your name. I think it’s much more directed and personal,” said Rich.

For Rich, it is all about striking while the iron is hot and getting ahead of the competition.

“It’s like getting the inside scoop on some stocks before they are open to everyone. I don’t think many people are aware of all the possibilities that will soon be available, and they will be kicking themselves for not taking advantage of it.”

Thinking one step ahead, Nathan Rich’s photography business has been able to increase its online reputation and brand recognition due to a specific and custom domain name. The advantages for personal and specific domain names are endless.

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New gTLD Testimonial: Foto De Chava

A childhood interest in nature never truly left David Larsen as he turned his love for nature and the great outdoors into a professional photography business. In order to successfully sell his photographs online, Larsen knew how important it was to have a simple and memorable domain name. When the opportunity arose to register with the new .photos top-level domain (TLD) , he jumped at the chance to better identify himself and his business online, and created DavidLarsen.Photos.

Starting in boy scouts Larsen always had a love for nature. Nearly ten years ago he decided to start his journey to becoming a professional photographer, specifically focusing in nature and landscape photography.

“After much trial and error, study, and hard work I was able to develop a strong photographic eye. That is when I started to produce and sell fine art prints of my photos. I am inspired and passionate about nature photography and landscapes.  My goal is to document as many pristine natural areas as I can while we still have them,” said Larsen.

Fotodechava.com is Larsen’s existing website. While he built a domain profile by registering DavidScottLarsen.com and Photodechava.com, he still wasn’t getting the traffic or attention he wanted. Due to the crowded Internet namespace, Larsen wasn’t able to register a specific domain that would work for his personal brand.

“I have always wanted a domain with just my first and last name – a simpler name for users to remember. I had tried registering davidlarsen.com, davidlarsen.net, etc. but always found that all the main domain names using my first and last names were already registered,” said Larsen.

After learning of the new TLDs, Larsen knew this would be the perfect opportunity to register a domain that was specific to his name and relevant for his online business.

“I pre-registered my names as soon as I found out. Finally registering just my first and last names with the .photos and .photography extensions will expand the options that people could search for me.  My hope is that these new, shorter domains will be easier for people to remember so they can re-visit my photography site,” said Larsen.

The launch of new TLDs allows Larsen to stand out online and better position himself for repeat site visitors and overall traffic. Taking advantage of the .photos as well as .photography domain best positions Larsen for success, something he believes will greatly impact all small businesses online.

“I think the new domains will greatly expand the options people now have for not only registering new domain names but also domain names that are more relevant to their business. When the ICANN domain guidelines were first established, the domain extensions were much more generic:  .com (commercial), .net (network), .org (organization).  Now you can register a domain extension that is more focused on the particular kind of business you have.  For me, DavidLarson.photography and DavidLarsen.photos is perfect for my photography business,” said Larsen.

Not only does Larsen plan to use the new domains to his own advantage but is spreading the word about the impact a custom domain can have on a business.

“I definitely think other business owners should take advantage of these new domains. For example, I have a client who owns a media company using a domain name with a .net extension because the .com version of the domain was already registered.  I suggested they register their business name with a .media extension and I think this will end up being a better fit for them in the long run,” said Larsen.

As a professional photographer, David Larsen’s name and reputation depend on being seen, and more importantly, found. Taking advantage of the new .photos and .photography top-level domains allows potential clients to easily remember and find Larsen’s work online.

Photo Credit: FotoDeChava.com

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New gTLD Testimonial: David Stewart Photography

A unique and impressive website is crucial for professional photographers to attract new and returning customers. An attractive website combined with an appropriate domain, allows businesses to stand out from the competition in order to showcase their previous work. When photographer David Stewart created his website, he had trouble finding an available Web address that was simple and illustrated his expertise. With the help of 1& 1 Internet, Stewart was able to register a personal and customized domain, helping increase his business’ credibility and reach to all consumers searching online.

“My creative endeavors are tied to my name, but that name is relatively common,” said Stewart. “The best I could do with the old top-level domains was david-stewart.net. While relatively brief, the name conveys nothing about what I do, merely my name.”

Recently, 1&1 Internet, Inc. began delivering new domain extensions, such as .photography, as part of the new generic top-level domain (gTLDs) launches. The new domains will allow small businesses like David Stewart Photography to register an industry-specific domain extension to better communicate their services and overall business goals.

The .photography domain, one of the first to be released to the public, was exactly what David Stewart was looking for to create a more memorable and meaningful domain name for his photography business. “The hyphen in the old domain was not ideal, because a simple domain name is more memorable and easier to convey as a link, either online or on business cards,” said Stewart.

“With DavidStewart.photography, my name conveys, at a glance, who I am and what I do, with no compromises in clarity. That simplicity has a direct impact on client reach, which is critical to any business,” Stewart said. “If a client can’t find you, they cannot be taken care of no matter how good your product or service is.”

Stewart was able to take advantage of 1&1’s pre-registration period, which offers pre-registrations on over 50 upcoming new gTLDs, to secure his domain and be granted priority when the domain became available to register. “I have actually chosen three of the upcoming gTLDs, this is the first of those to the few times I needed to make a change, it was very quickly resolved by knowledgeable staff, Stewart said.

“The choice to go with 1&1 for my new domain name was a foregone conclusion. I have used 1&1 hosting and domain services for many years and the few times I needed to make a change, it was very quickly resolved by knowledgeable staff, Stewart said.

Outfitted with a fresh new domain, Stewart is now ready to better position David Stewart Photography online, helping to increase his brand awareness and credibility on the World Wide Web.

Photo Credit: ©istockphoto.com/zeffss1

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New gTLD Testimonial: Slavik Photography

Like most professional photographers, an impressive Web presence is an important aspect of pleasing current and prospective customers. “Our website plays a significant role, mainly as our online portfolio and a place for communication with our clients, says Slava Slavik, owner of Slavik Photography with his wife, Sarah.

As a husband and wife photography team, they photograph about 40 weddings per year. “When the role of my wife Sarah, who gradually became the creative lead of our photography, became more important, we started planning on changing the name of the business,” said Slavik.

Recently, 1&1 Internet, Inc. began delivering new domain extensions, such as .photography, to customers, as part of the new generic top-level domain (gTLDs) launches. These soon-to-be hundreds of new domain extensions are set to transform the Internet landscape, instilling much excitement in the business community.

The .photography domain, one of the first to be released to the public, was exactly what Slava Slavik was looking for to change and improve his online presence. “I can visualize Slavik.photography as our new business name, having email addresses in an attractive format such as name@slavik.photography,” said Slavik.

Slavik was able to take advantage of 1&1’s pre-registration period, which offers pre-registrations on over 50 upcoming new gTLDs, to secure his domain and be granted priority when the domain became available to register. Now that he has his new Web address, he is interested to see just how their customers will respond. “Perhaps we might look more like a progressive business. We are going to start using it as a domain alias and test the responses of our clients and prospects,” he said.

Slavik sees this as a great opportunity for business owners to take advantage of unique and relevant Web addresses, to protect and build upon their online brand. “I think that every business owner should claim their name under the new top-level domains that are related to their industry,” said Slavik. “We also plan to register Slavik.photos when it becomes available as well.”

Photo Credit: © Tijana – Fotolia.com

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New Domain Extensions Including .CAMERA and .PHOTOGRAPHY are Now Available for Registration from 1&1

Today, 1&1 Internet delivers the following new gTLDs to the mass market, ready for immediate full registration through 1&1:


Users that have pre-registered these domains will be given registration priority as the new gTLDs go live. The domain extensions available today are just the next batch of what will be hundreds of new generic top-level domains to become available over the next year or so.  Businesses and website owners can take advantage of these unique new Web addresses to improve and protect their online branding.

Registration of .PHOTOGRAPHY, .LIGHTING, .GRAPHICS, .GALLERY, and .EQUIPMENT is just $14.99 for the first year of registration; and .CAMERA and .ESTATE can be registered for $19.99 for the first year of registration. Customers can link their new domain to their website effortlessly via the 1&1 Control Panel after registration.

The 1&1 domain portal, http://www.1and1.com/new-top-level-domains, provides news and information about new gTLDs as well as suggestions of which new Internet addresses could be relevant based on a particular business area or an individual field of interest.

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Visual Content is Shared More Often

For businesses of any size, visual content on the company website, or social media presence, is a major boost for customer engagement. Studies continually show that consumers are more drawn to images and graphics than they are to plain text. With this trend, it is crucial for businesses to get creative with their online presence, to attract as many customers as possible to their website and products.

Evolution of social networks

Visuals such as pictures, infographics, and videos are especially appealing to users on social media channels. As more and more brands and businesses compete for attention in users’ newsfeeds, boring text updates are bound to get overshadowed by more engaging content. Also, if we look at the pattern from the past few years, social networks are becoming much more dependent on the use of images (Facebook’s timeline, Pinterest boards, etc.). One can speculate that this trend is correlated to research illustrating that users are far more likely to interact with a page if there is visual content as opposed to simply text.

Evolution of consumer technology

In a time when more users are visiting social media sites on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it is simply easier to view and share something like a photo or video than a basic text update, especially from a business page. This is where your company’s creativity can mesh with the general functionality of its Web presence. Get creative with the type of visuals you share, such as product shots, office photography, instructional videos, etc., but also create them in a way that allows for easy sharing and viewing across all device platforms. The more times your content is shared, the larger your audience becomes.

SEO benefits

Above everything else, incorporating visual content into your Web presence will benefit your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) in the long run. Search engines take into consideration how much something is shared and discussed on social media. The more your content is shared on these platforms, the better your visibility on search engines.

What are some ways you incorporate visual media for your business? Let us know in the comments.

Photo Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/fatido

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