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The SMBs & Entrepreneurs’ Digitalization Checklist

Digitalization is one of the most popular buzzwords of 2017, but there’s no doubt that it’s a trend that’s sure to continue. The question is: what should you consider before you begin a complete overhaul of your business’ digital footprint? We’ve provided a quick checklist to help ensure that your business presence is prepped for the next wave of digital transformation.

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3 Tips for the Digital Transformation of Your Company

Using a cloud infrastructure to improve business procedures is often the starting point of digitalization. Nevertheless: digitalization is an extensive change – the cloud just one part of it. To provide an overview to this complicated process, we’ve compiled some advice to keep in mind when pushing the digital transformation of your company.

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SSD – The Latest Storage Technology

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Hard Disk Drives (HDD) have traditionally been the mechanical storage methods used in computing technologies such as PC’s and servers. However, Solid State Drives (SSDs) have slowly begun to replace conventional hard drive components within such technologies.

The difference between these two data storage drives are their physical features. While HDDs have spinning parts that save data electro-mechanically, SSDs replace the rotating platters with chips that work via electrical pulses. This makes SSD storage more efficient and faster. The lack of moving components means the device is more resistant to physical shock and results in less energy consumption, thus providing better performance with lower access time and less latency. Delivering faster writing and reading access, SSDs are estimated to be more than ten times faster than HDDs when it comes to reading and writing data.

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How Call Tracking helps SMBs analyze marketing performance?

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Keeping track of business and customer’s phone interactions can offer valuable insights on the performance of marketing campaigns.

What is call tracking?

First and foremost call tracking is the telephone version of web analytics. With the creation of a unique telephone number, your business can use it in advertising and other marketing efforts to track their performance. Through this process, a certain amount of data can be collected including the number, location, duration and time of the call.

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3 Solutions to Improve Customer Experience Management


CEOs and business leaders of all kinds are constantly facing challenges to address customer experience management (CEM). While there are many questions when incorporating CEM to any business plan, we provide CEOs with effective solutions for their top 3 concerns regarding customer experience management.

Impact of Engaging Customers

It was found that 28% of CEOs agree that customers expect faster interactions. Catching customers “on the fly” has become increasingly important in order to provide them with the information they are looking for at the most convenient moment. As a matter of fact, businesses focusing on customer experience perform better than those who don’t:

  • 16% revenue increase with cross and up-selling (versus 8% without CEM strategies)
  • 9.8% increase in customer lifetime value (versus 1% with no CEM)
  • Lower average cost per customer contact

Due to these facts, it is important to empower customers with the ability to contact businesses through multiple communication tools, at all times.


Introducing new customer engagement channels can be a challenge for CEOs as 27% list it as a top concern. No matter how a customer decides to contact a business, be it by phone, email, chat or online appointments, they still expect the same level of customer service.

A program, such as Agendize, offers a solution to interact with customers on all the communication channels from a single platform. From the business’ website, consumers can call or chat via the Click to Call or Live Chat buttons.

Mobile and Social

As consumers are demanding new ways to interact with a business, CEOs need to be original and inventive in the solution they provide to their online consumers. 33% of CEOs acknowledge the pressure of customers expecting a consistent experience across multiple touch-points. Today, consumers love to connect with brands through mobile and a social media channels. And it is important for businesses to find an engagement solution that can work seamlessly across these new devices. The Agendize solution can be implemented on multiple channels including website, mobile sites or even a Facebook page. Also, the Online Scheduling application is mobile-ready – making it available for both consumers and business operators anywhere, anytime from any mobile device.

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What is the Cloud, and How Does it Help Small Business?

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What is the cloud?

In simple terms, the ‘cloud’ describes any IT service that is delivered via the Internet. For example, a file sharing tool like Dropbox or a data back-up service all live in the ‘cloud’. This has revolutionized the IT industry because it has changed the entire model of IT delivery. Previously, companies would hold company data on-site, but now this responsibility is shifted to a third party.

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How SMBs Can Benefit from Operating Inside the Cloud


Cloud solutions offer amazing benefits for small and medium sized business owners who rely on technical services to keep their business running smoothly. But what does a cloud solution actually mean and why are they specifically good for SMBs? Agendize found the answers to these questions and applied them to solutions now available on leading marketplaces.

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