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Top Level Domain and more: The Big Domain Glossary (Part 1)

If you want to register a domain, there will definitely be a lot of terms and shortcuts you might not know. This is why we created a glossary that lists the most important terms regarding domain hosting. So let´s start with the basics: what is a domain and how do the subcategories differ?

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Buy a previously registered domain: 1&1 starts Premium Domain Service

Want to start a new web project, but your desired domain is already taken? This can be annoying at first, but it’s no reason to forego your favored domain. With the 1&1 Premium Domains Service, you now have the opportunity to purchase already assigned domain names at 1&1.

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The domain for online retailers: .shop starts today

Online shopping from home is convenient, stress-free and time-saving – accordingly, the number of online shoppers worldwide will further increase in the coming years. With .shop, online retailers now get the perfect domain for marketing their shops on the internet, and now you can order your own .shop domain at 1&1.

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Being online with .online: Facts and figures about the domain

It’s no wonder that .online is the most popular new top-level domain at 1&1 – how could an online presence be shown better than with an .online-TLD? The following facts and figures about .online show what this international and easy-to-remember top-level domain is made of.

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What is private domain registration and why is it important?

You’ve just registered your own domain and within minutes, you’re already getting spam. This scenario is typical for many domain owners who immediately wonder if the registrar sold their data to a third party and what the company who registered it may have to do with the sudden influx of spam.

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Get to know our experts – Thomas Keller

Get to know Thomas, our expert on #domains, #DNS, #SSL and #Digitalidentity

Our goal is to satisfy customers by offering a range of customized products which meet their respective needs. Our product teams are therefore constantly working on developing and improving our portfolio. We’d like to introduce these experts personally on the 1&1 blog. Here, you’ll find insights into the IT industry and useful tips and tricks for our hosting products.

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Cloud is my business, .CLOUD is my domain

Over the last few years a large number of new domain extensions have become available on the market. Many of these new extensions are keywords that are commonly found in legacy top-level domain registrations such as .com or .de. A prime example of this trend is the word “cloud”, which according to corporate Registrar CSC has risen in popularity over the last few years, thanks to the growing importance of cloud computing and cloud-based services.

As the cloud becomes increasingly embedded into our lives, it is clear to see how the .cloud domain extension provides clear advantages to companies operating in the cloud computing space. Launched just four months ago, .cloud has taken the domain market by storm with over 55000 domains registered from over 130 countries.

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Most Popular Articles From the 1&1 Blog

Most Popular 1and1 Articles

In case you missed it, some of the most popular articles on the 1&1 blog addressed shipping for eCommerce, creating a brand, pre-registration for .online, useful apps for improving LinkedIn pages, and ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Check out these popular posts or head over to http://blog.1and1.com/ to see them all!

  • How To Create Shipping Labels Faster and Cheaper with Shippo – 1&1 Online Store users can now benefit from simple, cost-saving shipping with Shippo. Find out who, what, why, where, how much, and how to get started in this post!
  • Creating a Brand for Yourself or Your Business – A good brand is an identity, something synonymous with your small business or yourself. It’s important to align your logo, text, and color scheme to create something that resonates with your audience.
  • A New Place on the Internet: Pre-Registration for .ONLINE – Now you can be one step closer to securing a Web address ending with .online! By pre-registering, we’ll attempt to register your .online domain as soon as it becomes available.
  • 6 Apps to Boost Your LinkedIn Company Page – Managing a Company Page and engaging with your audience on LinkedIn can sometimes be a difficult task, especially when you have so many priorities. Nick Peers recommends this collection of apps and services to make your LinkedIn Company Page easier to manage.
  • 9 Ways To Reduce Online Shopping Cart Abandonment – A proper check out process should be given a significant amount of consideration as it will enhance your customers’ online experience. Looking for ways to simplify and improve your website’s check out process? This article provides 9 powerful methods.

What topics do you want to hear about next week? Post your suggestions here and we’ll be sure to include them in an upcoming article!


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How a Domain Portfolio Can Save Your Business

Domain Name Registration

Last year, the Internet landscape was completely redefined with the launch of the first (of what will be more than 1,000) new top-level domains (TLDs). These domain endings include options like .nyc, .restaurant, .web, .email, and .consultant to name a few. In today’s congested namespace, new businesses have shown excitement for the opportunity to claim a piece of the Web relevant to their business. Now it’s possible to clearly communicate a specialty, location, industry, and business type directly within the Web address – making the best first impression on those browsing the Internet.

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Showcase Your Sustainability with a .green Domain

Businesses can now display their commitment to the environment directly in their Web address. Starting today, the .green top-level domain (TLD) joins the 275+ extensions that are available for immediate registration with 1&1. Show customers searching online that your business is proud of its environmentally friendly efforts.

Including .green in your website’s URL does more than highlight your conservation initiatives – it connects you to the DotGreen Community. This global network of organizations (all with .green domain names) strives to spread awareness and reach a cleaner future. With each .green registration and renewal, The DotGreen Registry will ensure that a portion of the revenue will be contributed to improving sustainability around the world. Web addresses ending with .green are currently available to purchase at a discounted price in the 1&1 Domain Showroom: $49.99 for the first year (regularly $99.99/year).

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