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6 Best Practices for eCommerce Shipping

Running an eCommerce store can seem daunting and complicated. Trust us, we know. There are all sorts of levers and pulleys that you’re constantly maneuvering to run your store on a day to day basis. And it’s hard not to compare your site and success to the thousands of other stores trying to stand out just like you. Don’t be overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of the bells and whistles you can implement for your store. Instead, stick to the fundamentals until you’re running smoothly and feel settled into a groove.

Shipping is notoriously complicated, but we’re here to help! Shippo has partnered with ePages and 1&1 to bring you the simplest, cheapest shipping solution for your eCommerce store. Connect with Shippo to create shipping labels directly from your store’s account settings. The process is automated and seamless and your USPS & DHL Express rates are up to 80% off regular prices.

Here are some helpful tips we put together for building a strong shipping operations foundation for your 1&1 Online Store:

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How To Create Shipping Labels Faster and Cheaper with Shippo

Introducing Shippo: A New Tool for 1&1 Online Store – 1&1 has partnered with Shippo to simplify shipping for 1&1 merchants. By creating shipping labels through Shippo, businesses can focus their effort on running their stores and selling their products rather than on managing a time-consuming, clunky process to prepare their customers’ packages. Shippo offers heavily discounted USPS Priority Mail and international labels and makes it as simple as possible to create from 10 to 500 labels a month.

With 14,000+ merchants already using its user-friendly tool to create shipping labels and track packages, Shippo’s built up a following of business owners who now save hard-earned time & money on their shipping. Shippo will help you optimize your box size, speed up processing international shipments, and send automatic emails to your customers with tracking info.

The Benefits

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