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Three Web Hosting Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2017

“By 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse.”
—Garner Research

Gartner makes a bold claim, but it’s understandable how the future of digital can change so rapidly in just a few short years. Now that we’ve looked back at the trends of 2016, we’re looking forward to the upcoming year and imagining what’s in store for the world of web hosting. To do this, we’re comparing Gartner’s Top Strategic Predictions for 2017 and Beyond with our own expertise to determine what we can expect for the next year of the hosting industry.

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Transact: Monetizing and Growing your Business Online


by Eric Swoyer

In this series, we’ve shown how 1&1 MyWebsite can help you quickly build a website to tell your story, by being present through an optimized online presence with high quality content, and interacting through feedback and communication channels for your customers to contact you. But now it’s time to think about the bottom line: revenue. Bringing your business online is great for brand building and gaining exposure. But the underlying goal of your website is to drive more business and complete more sales.  What’s the point of a website if it doesn’t work for you?

Today, we’ll explore some simple but powerful tools to increase conversions and drive more sales through your 1&1 MyWebsite. Specific details will vary from industry to industry, and business to business, but the underlying tenets are the same. And once again, we’ll be highlighting how free tools from POWr Plugins can get you up and running in no time.

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Special offer for 1&1 MyWebsite users until December 31st: Get 1-year free access to the Appointment Scheduling software by Agendize

Christmas has come early for 1&1 customers! Agendize, a leader in online booking serving over 100,000 businesses worldwide, is offering free 1-year access! To take advantage of this special offer, customers just need to book a setup call before December 31st and use promo code “Agendize1and12016.” An Agendize expert will then help users create their very own booking button.

In June 2015, Yodle surveyed 6,000 US adults on the perception of their local businesses. 62% answered that they either expected local business to provide online scheduling, or believed it set a business apart from the competition – consumers want to book appointments online, and this is your opportunity to let them!

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New Year, New Promises

Happy New Year - 1&1

As we ring in the New Year, people around the world are making resolutions to better their health, relationships, careers, and philanthropy. Entrepreneurs are no exception. Now that we are in 2015, there is no better reason to reevaluate the online strategies you have in place to ensure that you are best leveraging the powerful medium for your business.

We recently spoke with some successful business owners to hear what promises they are making this year to help improve their business’s reputation, sales and visibility.

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Increase the Functionality of your Website with these Apps

New Web Apps

In this Web App discussion, we discuss 11 of the best apps to increase functionality on your MyWebsite.


This app allows you to incorporate any RSS feed – an automatically updated list of stories from a website – into one of your Web pages. You can place your feed in the main body of your page, or incorporate it into a sidebar. All you need to provide is the Web address of the RSS feed in question – visit the parent website, and look for a RSS button, which you’ll probably find on its news or blog page, in the site’s footer or under Contacts.


If your business operates a number of stores, this app allows you to add a store locator to your website. You’ll need an account at blipstar.com, but it’s free for smaller businesses with 25 stores or fewer. Once done, input your contact details and your site visitors can find their nearest store using their zip code, address or place name.

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Wrap-up of this week’s top articles from the 1&1 Blog

Most Popular Blog Posts

To catch you up on this week’s most popular 1&1 blog posts, we shared a video from TYPO3 Camp in Mallorca, talked about new features to the 1&1 MyWebsite Blog tool, showcased an NYC business that is excited about the new .nyc domains, addressed top apps for selling online, and discussed SSD. Check out these popular posts or head over to http://blog.1and1.com/ to see them all!

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Eight of the Best Web Apps for Selling on Your Website

New Web Apps

Having an online store is essential for businesses success. Thankfully, it is no longer necessary to hire a developer or build your own full-blown online shop from scratch; instead you can sell through a third party like Amazon or Ebay, incorporate a PayPal shopping cart into your site, or quickly build and host a shop through a third-party provider. Integrating any of these into your website is not a chore either thanks to the wide number of apps available with 1&1 MyWebsite – here are eight great examples of what you can do.


This app allows you to add elements to your website that point towards a specific product (via ISBN/ASIN code) or search term that’s found on Amazon.com. You can use this for a variety of different purposes, but its main use is to allow you to showcase products from your Amazon Marketplace shop at the heart of your website.

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Take a Look at the New Web Apps

New Web Apps

The integration of drag-and-drop Web apps has proven to be one of the most valuable elements of our 1&1 MyWebsite product line. Currently holding about 400, our directory offers integrated third-party Web apps to help businesses achieve improved functionality across ecommerce, social media, communication, and business management. With consumer behaviors shifting towards requiring businesses to offer a more interactive and convenient website, such solutions are simple, reputable techniques to achieve this.

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A Look Back on MyWebsite 2014

DIY MyWebsite Screens

1&1’s flagship website design tool, 1&1 MyWebsite has come a long way since its launch back in 2009. Over the past seven years the tool has grown, expanded and continues to evolve in order to meet the ever changing needs of consumers. Whether you are a contractor, shop owner or simply want to show details of your latest European adventure, this tool is for you! To offer the best service possible MyWebsite has experienced some major upgrades so far in 2014.

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18 New Web Apps Added to 1&1 MyWebsite

In June, we added 18 new Web apps to the growing library of apps available for 1&1 MyWebsite. Web apps bring your website to life by adding functionality from many third-party websites with the click of a button. We have written about the various benefits of such applications in some previous articles. In this article we will briefly explain each new element. Please note that in order for most of the Web apps to function properly, you may need an account with each third-party service.

In this Web app, the Plaxo Business Card site opens in an overlay, allowing integration of your business information on your website.

BookedIN helps small businesses promote their services, book online appointments, and collect payments. Adding this app to your MyWebsite product allows for a very easy-to-use booking solution for your customers.

Airbnb Vacation
Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world. By using this app, you can offer expertise in the tourism industry by offering these unique travel options.

Flattr Donations
Collect donations from your website visitors by incorporating access to Flattr on your website. Flattr is a social donations solution to support unique ideas and goals.

Zibbet Banners
Zibbet is an online retailer that allows users to upload images and create their own merchandise. By adding this app to your site, you can promote your Zibbet shop to attract more customers.

Bonanza Shop
Bonanza is another online shop that enables you to sell your own products through the website. Adding this app will allow you to display your merchandise in this shop.

We Pay
This is a payment solution similar to PayPal, and by integrating this system you can create a process for accepting money online from your customers – whether it be through selling tickets, accepting donations, or selling products.

Pay with a Tweet
Pay with a Tweet is a social media payment system, meaning that customers pay for something with a tweet or Facebook post. This is an option for business owners who would like to increase the awareness of products on social media channels.

Some eCards
This site offers a variety of eCards for different occasions and designs. The Web app integrates an RSS feed that allows you to display these cards on your website.

Rumble Talk
Rumble Talk offers a social group conversation platform where you can engage, chat, and connect with your community. The app makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers and obtain feedback.

The Want
By installing the Want button on your website you can help your customers remember the item they were looking at but were not ready to purchase. They will be reminded of the product later and be more likely to return to your shop.

With the Metacafe app, you can easily embed video streams into your website. This makes the site more attractive and can increase customer attention.

Mlcalc Mortgage
Mlcalc.com offers specific information on current home loan rates. With this app, you have the ability to add a mortgage or loan calculator to your website for your visitors to use.

On VideoFyMe, you can choose a video out of a selection, or you can create your own and upload it on the site. This is another way to easily embed videos on your business site.

The FriendFeed app enables you to discover and discuss what other community members have discovered on the Web. This app allows your customers to share and discuss your business with their friends.

This booking and reservations app can be used by hotels and tourism businesses, to increase customer satisfaction with an easy-to-use booking tool.

Readability Button
By installing this app on your website, you can turn your content into a comfortable reading view for you visitors. They will have the option to either read your posts right away, or save them for a later time.

New York Times
This app provides an RSS feed to the New York Times on your website. You can customize topics that display on your website for your customers’ benefit.

These are simply just 18 new additions to an already extensive library of Web Apps, to learn more about what is available, feel free to check out our previous webinar, as well as visit the 1&1 website for more information.

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