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Using pictures properly – how to make your website an eye catcher

Want to make a good impression to website visitors with creative and inspirational content? A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case we show you how you can create meaningful images with self-made pictures or professional stock photos.

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Choosing colors and fonts for your own personal website

In order to present visitors a cohesive view of your company, your website design should enhance the individual character of your company. You can achieve this by choosing suitable colors and fonts for your online presence. For example, the website for German antiques shop “Weiß und mehr” (English: “White and more”), shows how to professionally present your business online.

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Expert Interview: What is a Good Website?

If you want to administrate your company successfully in the long term, an optimized online presence is necessary. Do you know what an ideal company website looks like? We asked online marketing and social media expert Felix Beilharz.

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1&1’s New MyWebsite 8 Boosts Online Visibility for Small Businesses

We’re proud to announce the latest generation of do-it-yourself website building technology: 1&1 MyWebsite 8 is now available! This new version brings users enhancements to online visibility, making it even easier for businesses to be found online. A central dashboard called the “1&1 Online Success Center” provides the tools and statistics that business owners need to ensure they are getting maximum visibility online. The dashboard guides users across three distinct areas: Basic Information, Online Directories, and Content Optimization. Furthermore, users will benefit from expanded mobile editing and blogging capabilities.

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Dental Office Benefits with 1&1 MyWebsite

1&1 was recently featured in a video from Inc. that showcased how a dental office created an intuitive website for its current and prospective patients to interact with the practice. Murry and Kuhn Family and Cosmetic Dentistry realized that more and more people relied on the Internet for researching dentists in their area, and the opportunity was there to create a better website.

Dr. Don Murray III took the lead on improving the practice’s online presence. “As a business owner and practitioner, I didn’t have the time or energy to research how to code my own site. With 1&1′s interface, I had complete control to design it exactly how I wanted it. Every time I log on, I find a new feature they’ve added that I’m able to use on our website,” said Murry.

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Taking Your Blog to the Next Level with MyWebsite

With the ability to attract repeat site visitors, drive engagement and deliver transparency, corporate blogs have become an instrumental element to a successful online presence. A blog that is integrated within an existing website platform is even more valuable as it keeps visitors on the site rather than deterring them away from it, and only requires one set of login credentials for the administrator.

While the ability to leverage a blog has been available within 1&1’s MyWebsite tool for quite some time, we have recently enhanced its features and capabilities so SMBs can present a more professional, interactive and attractive platform.

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1&1 Mobile Website Builder Now Available To All Website Owners

1&1 Mobile Site Builder Package

56% of the world’s population owns a Smartphone, according to a recent study from PewResearch. More and more people are turning to the convenience of their mobile devices to conduct daily tasks like communication, research, and purchasing. In fact, it’s estimated that 50% of the world’s average mobile Web users now choose mobile as either their primary or exclusive means of going online. Unfortunately, some businesses have yet to understand the significant impact that a mobile optimized website can have on their bottom line because they have not yet optimized their existing sites for these devices.

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Top 10 Considerations for Selecting the Perfect WordPress Theme

Over 2,500 free themes are available in the WordPress library and thousands more premium themes can be purchased from various marketplaces. With this in mind, it can be quite time consuming and often overwhelming to choose just one. An easy way to narrow down the possibilities is to have a clear vision of what qualities and features are required for the project. Here are our top 10 recommendations to consider before embarking on your search for the perfect WordPress theme:

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Year in Review: Website Design Resources

We have covered several topics in great detail in 2012. As the year comes to a close, we wanted to provide you with an index of sorts to use as a resource for catching up. Below you find a list of links to articles pertaining to Website Design, with short summaries of each.

Tips and Tricks to Build Your Website

  • Plan everything out with regards to your future website. Everything from the target audience, the purpose of the website, and the actual name, or domain of the site needs to be established first.
  • Lay out how the site will be structured so you can design an easy-to-use and intuitive navigation menu.

Common Questions About Web Design

  • As the most popular page of your business’s website, the homepage is the place for your most important information. Leave things like biographies, photo galleries, etc. on their own pages.
  • Display your images visually to catch the eye of your visitors.
  • You don’t need to have extensive knowledge of programming to build a website, there are many services and tools out there to help you.

How is Your Website Branded?

  • Consistency should be the top priority when it comes to your company’s brand, especially online.
  • Many companies fail to properly brand their website due to lack of technical expertise, but with tools such as MyWebsite, expertise is no longer necessary to design an attractive website.

How Simple is Your Website Navigation?

  • A menu of pages for the user to click on should appear at the top or side of every page of your website.
  • A search function provides your visitors with a way to find a specific piece of information.
  • A link to the homepage should be present on every page of your website, to allow the user to easily get back to where they started.

Your Website Helps Your Business Look Bigger

  • If your website looks amateur in comparison to your competitors, it is hurting your reputation. A professional-looking website is the best way to make your business look bigger.
  • Establish separate e-mail accounts for different departments of your business, even if those “departments” are just you. By having addresses such as sales@your-company-name.com or support@our-company-name.com, it makes your staff look bigger and more trustworthy for new customers.

The Worst Mistakes in Web Design

  • Content that has no benefit for users is a waste of time. Your business website should provide valuable information for your customers.
  • Confusing navigation and formatting deters visitors from your site since they don’t know how to find information.
  • If your website takes too long to load (more than two seconds), you are losing out on a significant portion of traffic. This can be caused by having too many images on one page.

Check out our webinar on how to use 1&1 MyWebsite, a website building application!

Photo Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/ronstik

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